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  • Benson Lake

    Evergreen Alliance Staff

    Richard best reported on June 18, 2021:

    "I was out and about exploring in my electric pontoon boat yesterday when I stumbled upon this grove of giant cedars - the biggest and oldest I have ever seen. They are on the south shore of the outlet of Benson Lake where it flows out into Benson River (flows into Alice Lake > Marble River, near Port Alice).

    I am hoping these trees are protected from clearcutting. What a great place for an interpretive trail. Are you aware of this grove of ancient trees? Is it protected from clearcutting? See pics attached."

    Richard Best, Nanaimo




    BENSON 1  Richard Best 2021-06-18.jpg

    BENSON 2  Richard Best 2021-06-18.jpg

    BENSON 3  Richard Best 2021-06-18.jpg

    BENSON 4  Richard Best 2021-06-18.jpg

    BENSON 5 Richard Best 2021-06-18.jpg



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  • Legal Old Growth Management Areas on Vancouver Island

    This map will take a few moments to load. It allows you to determine whether an area of old growth is currently included in a legal OGMA established by the ministry of forests. Legal OGMAs are not "protected" in the sense that parks or ecological reserves are protected.

    Zoom into or out of the map using the + or - buttons. Pan around the map by clicking and dragging it to another location.

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