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    We acknowledge that we are living and working on the unceded traditional territories of Indigenous Peoples who have stewarded these lands since time immemorial.

    The Evergreen Alliance is making the case for much greater conservation of BC forests. Globally, humanity faces existential threats from global heating, climate change and biodiversity collapse. BC is experiencing catastrophic forest fires, transportation infrastructure damage, devastating flooding and species extirpation. BC’s logging industry plays an out-sized role in making each of these worse. Our governments urgently need to shift from state-sponsored industrial exploitation of forests to conservation, restoration and regeneration.

    Logging at the vast scale that is taking place in BC is creating many serious problems. Those won’t be addressed by government unless there is greater public awareness of those problems and pressure applied on the political process to resolve them. All over the province, British Columbians are taking actions, both big and small, to encourage government to conserve forests. Meanwhile, the logging industry and its supporters are busily creating myths that logging “pays the bills,” is “sustainable,” provides a “climate solution” and even that “clearcuts are a thing of the past.” Herein we hope to provide you with an accurate account of the problems, the solutions, the actions people are taking, and the myths to watch out for and challenge.


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