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  • Caycuse

    Old growth stands in the Caycuse River area are on the traditional territories of the Dididaht and Pacheedaht First Nations.

    In 2021, old forest defenders blockaded logging roads and attempted to stop old-growth logging by Teal Cedar Products in TFL 46. The RCMP arrested dozens of people in an attempt to keep the area open to old-growth logging.



    Forest defenders blockade a road in the Caycuse area in May 2021 (photo by Dawna Mueller)


    Conservation photographer TJ Watt has created an extensive record of old growth forests on Vancouver Island. Watt's technique includes photographing the forest both before and after it is logged (below).



    Western red cedars in the Caycuse area before logging (Photo by TJ Watt)



    The same trees after logging (Photo by TJ Watt)



    Satellite image of the Caycuse River area. Nitinat lake is on the far left. (click to enlarge)

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  • Legal Old Growth Management Areas on Vancouver Island

    This map will take a few moments to load. It allows you to determine whether an area of old growth is currently included in a legal OGMA established by the ministry of forests. Legal OGMAs are not "protected" in the sense that parks or ecological reserves are protected.

    Zoom into or out of the map using the + or - buttons. Pan around the map by clicking and dragging it to another location.

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