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  • List of fires in BC's triangle of fire 2023

    Evergreen Alliance Staff
    FIRE AREA (ha)  
    Donnie Creek 619,072.50  
    Klua Lakes 42,838.50  
    Milligan Hills 6,108.90  
    G80875 (Zaremba Creek) 19,136.50  
    Stoddart Creek 29,505.90  
    Red Creek 2,947.00  
    G91313 (Nogah Creek) 74,685.70  
    G90628 (Hay River) 173,353.00  
    Ekwan Tower 275,055.00  
    G92940 (Tommy Creek) 71,002.70  
    G91543 (Sahdoanah Creek) 32,257.20  
    G90288 (Hossitl Creek) 197,148.00  
    G93291 (Gote Creek) 3,500.00  
    G91739 (Patry Creek) 33,425.60  
    G91013 (Sandy Creek) 3,764.80  
    Ittsi Creek 37,793.90  
    G90292 (Muskwa River) 21,056.00  
    Red Creek 2,947.00  
    West Kiskatinaw River 25,095.00  
    Peavine Creek 4,427.00  
    HWF-130 2,272.00  
    G9146 (Shush Creek) 888.00  
    Little Blue River 60,064.12  
    G92947 (Davie Creek) 7,301.75  
    G90981 (Turnagain & Kachinka) 22,393.46  
    G90949 (Coal River 5,278.13  
    G90956 (Grant Lake) 12,107.21  
    Mount Wartenbe 1,246.00  
    Total area of fires 1,786,670.87  

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