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  • 2003 internal memo circulated to Forest and Range Evaluation Program indicating a 6 percent cap on the impact on timber supply of conservation initiatives

    David Broadland

    This is a letter or memo written by a member of the Forest and Range Evaluation Program, Peter Bradshaw, in November 2003. The text relevant to the 6 percent cap on timber supply impact stated:

    “The objectives in the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation includes the statement that the objective not unduly reduce the supply of timber from BC’s forests, for several non-timber values. The intent of this language is to ensure that conservation of non-timber values is undertaken in balance with economic benefits associated with values. FRPA is to be guided by the timber supply impact targets (6% cap) that aided implementation of the Forest Practices Code. Under the Code, the “adequately manage and conserve” plan approval test was guided by government’s timber supply impact targets. Under FRPA, this test is written into the objectives themselves.”

    Summary of resource value objectives memo November 2003.pdf

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