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  • Ecosection representation in BC's protected areas

    How much of the ecosection that you live in is protected?

    There are 139 ecosections in BC (including both marine and terrestrial).

    If you know what ecosection you live in—or are interested in—scroll down the list below. The “Percentage Protected” column indicates how much has been protected.

    The least-protected ecosections are at the top of the list. Fifty-seven ecosections have less than 6 percent of their area protected.

    The most-protected ecosections are toward the bottom of the list. Twenty-four BC ecosections already have 30 percent or higher protection.

    If you don’t know the name of the ecosection you live in, find where you live on the map below the list. Zoom into the map using the "+" button. Click on the coloured area surrounding your location. A dialogue window will appear. To find the name of your ecosection, go to the second page of the dialogue box by clicking on the outlined triangle in the grey bar at the top of the dialogue box.

    Are there old forest deferral areas mapped for your ecosection? Zoom into the map until you can see dark green polygons. These are “priority deferral areas” mapped by the Technical Advisory Panel. NOTE: This map is maintained by GeoBC but may not show the most recent configuration of deferral areas.

    What are ecosections? Learn more about ecoprovinces, ecoregions and ecosections here.

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