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    IF FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES can be sued for the costs of climate change mitigation needed as a result of their contribution to global heating, why not forestry companies? In BC in 2017, carbon emissions that were caused to be released by logging in British Columbia are estimated to have been 190 megatonnes. By comparison, Canada’s oil-sands related operations released 80.5 megatonnes. West Coast Environmental Law suggests municipalities should join a class action lawsuit against fossil fuel companies. Why not BC forestry companies?

    As well, a class action lawsuit for losses suffered by residents as a consequence of flooding in Grand Forks BC that was thought to be caused by excessive logging in the Kettle River Valley and the Granby River Valley was launched in 2020.

    Research on the possibility of launching further such class action lawsuits on the basis of the provincial government’s failure to protect public resources is being conducted. To join this action group, contact us.


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