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  • Clearcut Monitoring Action Group

    The Fairy Creek blockades were launched, in part, because a young American filmmaker, Joshua Wright, noticed in satellite images that a new logging road was being built near pristine Fairy Creek Valley. He alerted people in BC. We are in a climate catastrophe. I felt I needed to do something,” Wright says. If Wright had not been reviewing satellite images, Teal Cedar Products Ltd would have punched a road into the valley unnoticed and, inevitably, applied for cutting permits to start logging at the head of the valley. That would have been the beginning of the end for almost-pristine primary forest in Fairy Creek Valley.

    The Evergreen Alliance’s Clearcut Monitoring Action Group is monitoring the most recent satellite imagery, prioritizing areas that have high sensitivity. It also monitors road permits, planned cutblocks in BCTS operating areas, forest licences in TSAs and cutting permits in TFLs. It publishes alerts whenever the ministry of forests indicates a sensitive area may be about to be logged.

    If you have good computer skills and are willing to monitor ministry of forests sites’ and interpret satellite imagery, you could be the sentinel—like Joshua Wright—that helps to launch the next direct action necessary to prevent logging in a sensitive area. Contact us to join this action group.

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