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    Direct engagement with the ministry of forests and logging companies

    THE BC REGISTRAR OF LOBBYISTS records show that Don Kayne, CEO of CANFOR—BC’s largest logging company—met with high level BC government officials 71 times in the last year. If government officials only heard from well-spoken, persuasive and highly paid people from the industry, they would undoubtedly get the idea that the people they meet with are happy about the way BC’s forests are being managed—except for the changes that are necessary to improve industry stability and profits.

    Obviously, to get the ministry of forests back on the public leash and working as an industry regulator acting in the public interest, government officials need to hear directly from an informed BC public. There is a long history of direct engagement with the ministry of forests by both average British Columbians and forest experts. Most report back that their ideas and engagement were largely ignored or rejected. Few report a satisfying exchange with government.

    In order to reshape how we see forests as a source of employment, change how they are used to mitigate climate change, increase how much we protect to reverse the biodiversity collapse, and recognize logging’s leading role in raising forest fire hazard and the risk of flooding, an informed citizenry needs to engage directly with government. This action group has been created to increase both the volume of engagement and the quality of those interactions. If you have prepared a presentation to the ministry of forests, or a letter to an MLA, the premier or the forests minister, send it to us and include the response you received. We will add it to our database which will then serve as a source of expert information available for use by citizens with similar issues around the province.

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