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  • At-risk Primary Forest Mapping and Monitoring Action Group

    SEPARATELY FROM ON-THE-GROUND EFFORTS to prevent companies from destroying old-growth forests, a parallel information gathering process needs to occur. The ministry of forests claims there are 13 million hectares of old-growth forest in BC, but independent scientists estimate that only 400,000 hectares of forest with large, old trees remain. Most of BC's forested geoclimatic zone variants contain less than 10 percent of the old forest that would naturally occur, putting these zones at high risk of biodiversity loss.

    The location of the most at-risk, most biologically productive stands of old forest need to be identified. That involves development of mapping, independently of the ministry of forests, of at-risk old forest. You can help by sharing with us your local knowledge of where old forest still exists. Photographic evidence of primary forest is needed!

    To share what you know, go to the primary forest mapping portal.

    To join this action group, contact us.

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