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  • Research and Investigations Team

    MAINSTREAM MEDIA cannot be relied upon to provide in-depth and accurate coverage of the harm being done to the province’s ecological health by BC’s forest removal industry. Those media sources tend to see the issues through an industry-friendly lens that views the industry as a major source of employment and government revenue even though the facts don’t support that. That’s partly because some of the journals of record, like the Vancouver Sun and the Globe & Mail, depend on a healthy supply of cheap paper—a forest industry product—for their business health. The more logging that occurs in BC, the lower the cost of their biggest material expense: paper.

    To provide the public with deeper coverage of the issues challenging the future of BC forests, the Evergreen Alliance is harnessing the research and investigative skills of citizens living in communities most directly affected by the degradations caused by the industry. If you are concerned about deforestation near your community and know how to use Google Search, you are a prime candidate for our research and investigations team. Please contact us.

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