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  • Resources for better understanding the urgent need to protect primary forest in BC

    WE'VE GATHERED relevant journalism and science-based reports on the need to protect the remaining primary forest in BC. Please share your concerns and ideas in the primary forest forum through the link below. If you have a photograph taken in an intact forest, please share it with us and we will add it to the appropriate primary-forest database.

  • Primary forest mapping databases

    To find what old forest has been mapped in your locale, click on the black dot in the Natural Resource Region in which you live. A link to the database for your area will appear in a dialogue box. Click on the link to go to the database. If you are unsure what Natural Resource Region you live in, use the + button to zoom into the map to see geographic names. You can pan around the map by clicking on it and dragging it to your location. (The databases are a work in progress and need your help in identifying old-growth forest in your locale.)

  • The most current mapping of at-risk primary forest

    Veridian Ecological's 2021 map of at-risk old-growth forests


    Ministry of forests mapping of legal Old-Growth Management Areas (OGMAs)

    You can pan around the map by clicking on it and dragging it to your location. Use the + or - buttons to zoom into or out of the map. Click on a mapped OGMA to learn more.

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