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  • Resources for better understanding the need to expedite treaties with First Nations

    We are gathering agreements made between settler governments and First Nations (including Forest & Range Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreements) in order to help bring greater awareness of First Nations title and rights. If you can’t find the Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement you’re looking for in our database, links to all the agreements in BC can be found here.

    Below you will find an interactive map of the treaty lands of those nations who have completed treaties and an interactive map of the traditional territories of First Nations in BC that were drawn as part of the treaty-making process between First Nations, British Columbia, and Canada. Click on an area of either map to learn more.

    In 2020, BC signed the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Map of First Nations Treaty Lands

    The areas mapped below show land that is in control of a First Nation which has signed a treaty with the governments of Canada and BC. The indicated areas may not include all land referenced in the treaty. Click on the green button for a more fulsome description of what the mapped areas indicate. Click on any mapped area to see details. Of note is how few treaties have been successfully negotiated in BC. All of BC is subject to First Nations title and rights.


    Map of First Nations Boundaries from each nation's Statement of Intent

    The map below shows the boundaries each First Nation has indicated in their Statement of Intent. Click on an area of interest to see which First Nations have included that area in their Statement of Intent.

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