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  • Statement from Elder Bill Jones regarding RCMP raid near Fairy Creek on August 15

    Elder Bill Jones

    TODAY, WE MOURN ONCE AGAIN as the militarized police squad raided our peaceful and Indigenous-led camp near Fairy Creek on Trunk Road 11. Again, these brave people were there on my unceded land as my guests, guests who had come to protect what’s left of the old growth forests. Once again, they put themselves on the line after hearing that the NDP government had approved several cutblocks up that forestry road. Some of those cutblocks include old-growth forests.

    We cannot keep cutting our great Mother Earth like this. Once these great forests are gone, they are gone forever. We set up these camps as a last resort. The government refuses to change their forestry policies and Teal Cedar has stated in their forest “stewardship” plan that they will harvest every last old-growth tree available to them. The loss of every tree is an affront to my Indigenous rights, sovereignty and title, as it is to every Indigenous person. It is also a loss to all peoples as we are as one and we must learn to stand together as one.

    I say again, the forest is my cathedral and my place of spiritual meditation. Government and industry cannot come to my lands and destroy my cathedral and expect us to do nothing.

    I say thank you to all those forest defenders who built the amazing screech owl sculpture on the bridge and held the camp. Thank you to all those who donated and supported the camp. And I applaud the three brave forest defenders who were arrested and released today. I admire your courage in facing the relentless force of the dozens of CIRG officers who showed up to destroy your camp and arrest you.

    I also remind government and industry that it is laughable to charge us with offences and call us conspirators when we are at the end times of our great forests.

    We will continue to do what we can to protect our great Mother Earth.

    Klecko! Klecko!

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